NAV09JA-COL2 : 2009 - 21 plis d'escales postés à bord 'Dernière campagne PH Jeanne d'Arc'
  • NAV09JA-COL2 : 2009 - 21 plis d'escales postés à bord 'Dernière campagne PH Jeanne d'Arc'

NAV09JA-COL2 : 2009 - 21 call letters posted on board 'Last campaign HC Joan of Arc'


N°NAV09JA-COL2 : collection of the 21 call letters "45th and last campaign GEAOM of the helicopter carrier Joan of Arc" 2.12.2009 - 30.05.2010
(Brest, Casablanca, Dakar, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Ushuaïa, Valparaiso, Callao de Lima, Panama, Carthagène, Fort de France, Les Saintes, Pointe à Pitre, New York, Québec, St-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Hambourg, Zeebruge, Rouen et Brest)
Posted on board of the helicopter carrier Joan of Arc
Postage 0,56€ "Joan of Arc" or 0,56€ "Sailors of Joan" (resulting from diptych)
Slogan cancellation or Illustrated stamp"45th and last mission of the helicopter carrier Joan of Arc 2009/2010" at the dates of this last World Tour calls (2.12.2009 / 27.5.2010)

+ mail connection Strasbourg "European Parliament" overleaf
Limited drawing 50 numeroted collections
An historic and exceptional collection not to be missed

Notice : Photomontages of the scale models - delivery forecasted end of june

45th and last mission of the helicopter carrier Joan of Arc

The carrier helicopter Joan of Arc was put into operation in 1964 and accompanied by the Courbet frigate, it realized a last campaign with the student-officers of the Naval College from December 2009 to May 2010. Joan of Arc covered 1,8 millions nautic miles, approximately 3,3 millions kilometers (the equivalent of 79 world tours or 9 times the distance of Earth-Moon) and realized near than 800 stopovers all around the World. She conditionned more than 6000 officiers in 45 years of active service and as many campaigns. Each one counted approximately 800 sailors sailed for the two buildings (the PH Joan of Arc and her conservation that has been during a long time, the frigate anti submarine Georges Leygues) including a hundred of student-officiers. At the end of her last campaign, the helicopter carrier Joan of Arc found its homeport, Brest. The procedure applied to any ships at the end of life was initiated. (source : SIRPA Marine)

It is to pay hommage to this « Ambassador of France » that the European Philatelic Editions conceived and gathered a collection of postage stamps and historic documents, commemorating the most important events of his last campaign all around the world.

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