CENT18-9 : 2018 France - Maxi-FDC Block "Armistice Centenary 1918 - Georges Clemenceau to the National Assembly"


CENT18-9: 2018 France - Maxi-FDC "Centenary of the SIGNATURE OF ARMISTICE
of November 11, 1918 - Georges Clemenceau to the National Assembly "

Illustration: President of the French Council GeorgesClemenceau at the tribune of the National Assembly reading
armistice conditions, honor to the dead, cease-fire bugle, Allied flags.

Postage France 2018 Souvenir block 2 x 2,60 € "Cent. Armistice of 11 Nov 1918 - Hairy on the battlefield "
Cancelled First Day of Issue Paris (F) "the Armistice is signed" 11.11.2018 -

Collector's edition on "Ivory" envelope (13.5 x 21cm), only 51 numbered FDC's issued - Rare

the last days that ended World War I
Clairière de Rethondes, Compiègne forest
ARMISTICE IS SIGNED on November 11, 1918 at 5:20. The ceasefire will be effective at 11am

The armistice was signed on November 11, 1918 at 5:20 am in the wagon built from Marshal Foch's staff train, in the Rethondes clearing, in the Compiègne forest. It marks the end of the fighting, the victory of the Allies and the total defeat of Germany, but it is not a capitulation literally. The ceasefire is effective on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 at 11 am, announcing the end of a war that has left more than 18.6 million dead, invalids and war dead for all belligerents. mutilated, including 8 million civilians.

June 28, 1919 in Versailles is signed the peace treaty really ending the state of war. Source: wikipedia.org

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