PE701-T2: 2016 - European Parliament "Official visit of the DALAÏ LAMA"


PE701-T2 : FDC European Parliament Plenary Session, Strasbourg (France) September 12-15, 2016
- September 15, 2016 : Visit of His Holiness the 14th DALAI LAMA (Tibet) to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
Meeting with Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament.

Major themes of the session :
- State of the Union
- Apple case
- Car emissions inquiry
- Rule of law and fundamental rights in Poland
- EU budget 2017
- Debates on Turkey and Gabon
- Migration : Simplify travel documents for irregularly staying third-country nationals / relocation schemes of refugees stranded in Greece and Italy.

Postage TYPE 2 Priority Letter 20g "Marianne and Europe" (booklet)
on Private Stamp Display Unit "European Parliament, Strasbourg 15.09.2016 : Visit of His Holiness the 14th DALAI LAMA"
Postmarked in Strasbourg "European Parliament" September 15, 2016

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