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PE148COL BUSH GORBATCHOV Signature Nuclear Disarmament Treaty Europe 1987

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PE148COL: series 3 FDC Switzerland-USA-USSR “Signing of the 1st TREATY ON NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT IN EUROPE - December 8, 1987“

-FDC Switzerland “Geneva 24.11.1987 - Agreement on the Treaty for the Elimination of Intermediate Nuclear Missiles EUROMISSILE/INF by US Secretary of State George SCHULTZ and USSR Minister of Foreign Affairs Edouard SHEVARDNADZE“

- FDC USA “Washington DC 8.12.1987 - Signing of the 1st Nuclear Disarmament Treaty in Europe by Presidents Ronald REAGAN and Mikhail GORBATCHEV“

- FDC USSR “Moscow 17.12.1987 - Reagan - Gorbachev: American-Soviet Treaty on Nuclear Disarmament in Europe, Dec. 1987 - First Steps to Peace“

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Reagan and Gorbachev sign historic Treaty on Dismantling Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces in Europe

Reykjavik (Iceland) October 11, 1986: Gorbachev - Reagan meeting. The USSR proposes a reduction in Euromissiles and intercontinental rockets in return for the abandonment of missile destruction experiments in space, linked to the “Strategic Defense Initiative”.

February 28, 1987: The USSR offers the United States a separate agreement on the dismantling of Euromissiles in two years.

Geneva (Switzerland) November 24, 1987: US Secretary of State Georges Schultz and Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnaze reach final agreement on the Intermediate Missile (INF) Liquidation Treaty.

Washington DC (USA) 8 Dec. 1987: Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev sign the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range Missiles (500 to 5,000 km) in Europe.

This treaty concerning only 4% of the nuclear arsenals is qualified as historical, because it is the first agreement of true nuclear disarmament. for the first time since the end of the Second World War, the superpowers have abandoned the logic of the worst and systematic one-upmanship.

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