PE803 FDC European Parliament 02-2024 FARMERS SITUATION - Romania Pres. IOHANNIS


N°PE803: FDC “Session of the European Parliament, Strasbourg 5-8.02.2024 - SITUATION OF FARMERS IN EUROPE - Speech by the President of Romania Klaus IOHANNIS

- "THIS IS EUROPE" The President of Romania Klaus IOHANNIS addresses MEPs to present his point of view on the challenges facing Europe and its future.

- Situation of farmers in Europe. For fairly paid European agriculture.

- EU's unwavering support for Ukraine.

- Postage France LV 20g "Marianne de l'Avenir" on perforated stamp holder “European Parliament Strasbourg - Debate 07-02-2024 SITUATION OF FARMERS IN EUROPE"

- Postmarked Strasbourg (France) "Session of the European Parliament" 7 Feb. 2024

Collector's Edition of only 200 numbered copies.


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EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Plenary Session, Strasbourg 5-8 February 2024


Special EU summit. On Tuesday morning, MEPs will discuss the results of the latest EU summits, in particular the Special European Council of 1 February, with Presidents Michel and von der Leyen. The special summit focussed on the mid-term review of the EU’s long-term 2021-2027 budget (multiannual financial framework, MFF) and on financial aid for Ukraine.

Unwavering support for Ukraine. Following almost two years of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, MEPs are set to reaffirm the need for the EU to stand united behind Kyiv, in a debate with Council and Commission on Tuesday morning. A resolution will be put to the vote in the next plenary session (26-29 February in Strasbourg).

Situation of farmers. On Wednesday morning, MEPs will discuss with the Commission and the Belgian Presidency how to respond to the demands of farmers and rural communities across Europe and how to foster fairly rewarded EU agriculture.

New Genomic Techniques. Parliament will decide on its position for negotiations with EU countries on EU rules on new genomic techniques, which alter the genetic material of an organism. The objective is to make the food system more sustainable and resilient by developing improved plant varieties that are climate resilient, pest resistant, and give higher yields or that require fewer fertilisers and pesticides. (debate Tuesday, vote Wednesday)

Russian meddling in the EU. Following allegations that an MEP colluded with Russian security services, Parliament will discuss this case and other Russian attempts to interfere in the EU’s democratic processes on Tuesday. A resolution will be put to a vote on Thursday.

Ensuring instant payments in euro. MEPs are set to green light new rules to ensure transferred funds arrive immediately into the bank accounts of retail customers and businesses across the EU. (debate Monday, vote Wednesday)

Rise in antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred. MEPs will discuss with the Council and Commission the worrying reports on the increase in hate-driven incidents online and offline across the EU on Wednesday.

State of EU values in Greece. On Wednesday, Parliament will vote on a resolution taking stock of threats to the rule of law and media freedom in Greece.

“This is Europe” debate/Klaus Iohannis. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis will address plenary on Wednesday at 11.00 to outline his vision on Europe’s challenges and future, followed by a debate with MEPs.

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A philatelic envelope, designed by Historiaphil© (Philately Kiosk of the European Parliament, Strasbourg, France) commemorates the highlights of the Strasbourg plenary session of the European Parliament. It was produced as a continuation of the collection of philatelic envelopes bearing witness since 1949 to the history of Europe and its institutions. Its edition is limited to 200 numbered copies.

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