ALG58FL: 1958 ALGERIA - patriotic scarf "de Gaulle - 13 May Putsch of Algiers"


N ° ALG58FL: authentic patriotic scarf of Putsch of Algiers of May 13th, 1958, with the image of General de Gaulle
"Portrait of General de Gaulle, surrounded by two Lorraine Crosses of Free France and a banner '13 MAY 1958 ',
Palace of the General Government in Algiers, bouquets and tricolor ribbons, palm trees. Slogan Formerly 2.000.000 inhabitants,
Today 10,000,000 French ".

Printed and ribbed silk scarf (76 x 80 cm),
made for the visit of General de Gaulle to Algiers on 4 June 1958.

Comes with certificate of authenticity. A piece of History! Exceptional and rare object

The Algerian War 1954-1962:

the Putsch of Algiers of May 13, 1958

On May 13, 1958, French partisans of French Algeria rose in Algiers, with the support of the 10th paratroop division of General Massu, and formed a Committee of Public Safety, calling de Gaulle to return to power in Paris. Once President of the Council, then President of the Republic, General de Gaulle initiates a policy different from that expected by supporters of French Algeria. Aware of the inevitability of decolonization and the human and financial cost of war, de Gaulle is moving towards a negotiated solution.

He announced in his plan of Constantine (October 1958) economic and social reforms favoring the assimilation of Muslims. He goes a step further by advancing the idea of ​​self-determination of Algeria (Sept. 1959), then speaking of "Algerian Algeria" (June 1960), which displeases the supporters of French Algeria. In the referendum of January 8, 1961, 75% of French people are in favor of self-determination. Despite this, supporters of French Algeria are trying to seize power in Algiers (putsch of the generals, April 22, 1961) and regroup in the OAS (organization of the secret army) which multiplies the attacks against de Gaulle and the Muslims.
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