ALG8 1958 FRANCE - FDC 1st Day of issue "55 years of cease-fire in Algeria 1962-2017"


ALG8 N °: 2017 France - FDC "Agreements of Evian - DE GAULLE announces the cease-fire,
Ending the war in Algeria, March 19, 1962 "

Postage France 1,30 € "55 years of the cease-fire in Algeria 1962-2017"
Cancellation Paris (F) First Day of Issue "55 years of the cease-fire in Algeria" 15.3.2017
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Strasbourg (F) "European Parliament" -

Collector's edition, only 100 numbered FDC's issued - Rare

The Algerian War 1954-1962:

the ceasefire and the Evian Accords

Negotiations began in May 1961 between the FLN and France. They lead to a cease-fire (March 19, 1962) and the Evian agreements. The independence of Algeria is proclaimed on July 3, 1962. Its principle had gathered during the referendum of April 8, 1962 the approval of 90% of the French.

The end of the Algerian war gives rise to tragic episodes, marked by OAS terrorism, the departure of hundreds of thousands of Europeans and Harkis from Algeria (Algerian soldiers fighting alongside France) threatened by FLN members. (source:
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