DG02qc-1FD : 2002 - Vignette de Gaulle - Vive le Québec libre!
  • DG02qc-1FD : 2002 - Vignette de Gaulle - Vive le Québec libre!

DG02qc-1FD: Sheet of 28 labels de Gaulle - Long life to Free Quebec! 1967-2002


N°DG02qc-1FD: Souvenir Sheet of 28 gummed and perforated labels "35 years of the speech of the General de Gaulle in Montreal on 24 July 1967-2002 «Long life to Montreal ! Long life to Quebec ! Long life to Free Quebec !»

Collector Edition - limited issue - rare

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July 24, 1967: The French President, accompanied by the Prime Minister of Quebec Daniel Johnson, had gone by the “Chemin du Roy” from Quebec to Montreal. Throughout this journey, he had received an enthusiastic welcome from the population, reminiscent of that of the Liberation. Received at City Hall by the Mayor of Montreal, M.  Drapeau, he addressed the crowd, massed in the square, in an improvised speech: “I am going to confide a secret to you that you will not repeat. This evening here, and throughout my journey, I found myself in an atmosphere of the same kind as that of the Liberation. The crowd was screaming with joy and the delirium was still swelling when de Gaulle concluded: “Vive Montréal! Long live Quebec! Long live the free quebec!".
This speech caused great emotion in Ottawa. The Federal Council of Ministers issued a communiqué describing it as “unacceptable”. Under these conditions, General de Gaulle decided not to go to Ottawa and left Montreal directly for Paris on July 27. The Government of Quebec strongly protested against the attitude of the Federal Government.

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