UKR22-05W: WAR IN UKRAINE 2022 - Block 'W' Russian Warship Moskva DONE!


N°UKR22-05W: UKRAINE 2022 - Perforated and gummed sheet of 3 stamps "W" (International letter 50g) + 3 adjoining labels “Russian warship ‘Moskva’ sunk on April 14, 2022 - Death to the enemy!“


Size 149 x 78 mm - MINT** - Rare

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April 14, 2022 - the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet “MOSKVA“ is sunk by Ukrainian Forces -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----

Kyiv claims to have hit the Russian flagship “MOSKVA” with two missiles, which sank

Russia lost, Thursday April 14, 2022, the most important ship of its Black Sea fleet, deployed as part of the offensive launched against Ukraine since February 24: the cruiser Moskva (“Moscow”, in Russian ) . This key building for its operations, because it can coordinate several buildings at the same time, sank, recognized the Russian Ministry of Defense, on the evening of Thursday. Russia assures that the loss of its flagship is the result of the "detonation" of a stockpile of ammunition, caused by a "fire". Thursday morning, Moscow had recognized that the building was "severely damaged". The Ukrainian side, for its part, claims to have hit the ship with missiles.

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