CE48-R2 FDC State Visit to RUSSIA Pres CHIRAC 1997- Membership Council of Europe


CE48-R2: Official envelope Russia 1997 “State visit by President CHIRAC to Moscow - Meeting with President YELTSINE and nuclear security in Europe - Accession of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe

Postage Russia 1000py “Member of the Council of Europe" postmarked Moscow “Russia 39th Member of the Council of Europe" 01.10.1997

+ Block of four Former-USSR 3k “Aurora cruiser“ overprint TYPE 2 "Chirac - Concorde - Kremlin 1997" illustrated cancellation Moscow 26.09.1997 (Speech at the Institute of International Relations)

+ arrival stamp "Strasbourg, Council of Europe" on the back

Collector's Edition of 150 numbered copies - Rare

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