A380-303T3 : 2019 End production A380 - 1st Flight A380 Air France Paris-Atlanta


N ° A380-303T3: 2019 France - Aerophilatelic cover TYPE 3 "Airbus A380 Flagship of Europe - Press release of 14.02.2019: Airbus announces the end of production of the A380",
Carried on "1st Air France A380 flight AF 688 Paris CDG - ATL Atlanta (USA) 31.03.2019"

Postage Type 3
- France personalized stamp (TPP) 1.22€ Fuschia “Marianne - Tour du Monde Certification A380 (2006)“
  canceled Strasbourg “European Parliament“ 14.02.2019

+ transit stamp “Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport - March 31, 2019“

+ US 10c postage “50 years US Air Mail Service 1918-1968“
postmarked arrival “A380 First Landing Atlanta, GA - March 31, 2019 - AF 688 passenger post carried by AF Crew“

Limited edition, numbered N° 1/50 - Rare

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14.02.2019 : Airbus set to scrap production of the world’s largest airliner

Sad day for lovers of aeronautics. Airbus has announced the end of production of the A380, its flagship whose deliveries will cease in 2021, announced Tom Enders in a statement Thursday, February 14. "The consequence of this decision is that our order book is no longer sufficient to allow us to maintain production of the A380 ((after the Emirates company decided to reduce its orders by 39“ A380 “). This will put an end to deliveries of A380 in 2021 ".

Emirates replaces this order with another for 40 “A330neo“ and 30 “A350“. According to the manufacturer, "the current ramp-up (of production) of the A320 and the new wide-body order from Emirates will offer many possibilities for internal mobility." But Airbus did not hide the fact that in the absence of this command, the program was doomed to stop. "Quite frankly, if we don't reach an agreement with Emirates, there will be no choice but to stop the program," said ex-Airbus chief commercial officer John Leahy.

250 aerophilatelic covers “End of production of the A380“, carried from the European Parliament in Strasbourg via Paris CdG (France), on board the 1st flight of the Air France A380 to Atlanta

On March 31, 2019, the airline Air France deployed an Airbus A380 between Paris and Atlanta, becoming the first to offer First Class between the American airport and Europe. Air France aircrew, making this first flight AF 688 Paris CDG - Atlanta ATL in A380, kindly transported on board the entire draw of the 250 aerophilatelic envelopes that we had produced on the occasion of the announcement by Airbus of the end of production of the A380.

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