PE223 : 1989-90 - Diptyque 'Chute Mur de Berlin & réunifictaion allde'
  • PE223 : 1989-90 - Diptyque 'Chute Mur de Berlin & réunifictaion allde'

PE223 : 1989-90 Diptych "Fall of Berlin wall & German reunification / Kohl"


N°PE223 : It is all the history of 1989-1990 that conduced to the reunification of the 2 Germany that we assembled on one philatelic document (diptych) exceptionnal (unfold size 34 x 24 cm).

- 9.11.1989 : cancellation West Berlin 'fall of the Berlin wall'.
- 22.11.89 : cancellation EMA Strasbourg, European Council 'urgency debate of the European Parliament about the situation in west Europeand the fall of Berlin wall'.
- central photo : 'being in session at the Council bench, François Mitterrand, Pdt in exercise, Roland Dumas, French minister of the foreigh affairs and the German chancellor Helmut Kohl'.
- 3.10.1990 : cancellation Berlin 'German Reunification' and 'Signature of the Act of reunification'.
- 4.10.1990 : cancellation Berlin '1st session of the Parliament of Germany reunified'.
- 6-9.11.1990 : cancellation Berlin '1st anniversary of the fall of Berlin and the opening of the inter-German frontiers'.

Nota : according to the German postal reglementation in operation, this historic document historique is only composed of cancellated stamps on fragments.

Drawing : 400 numeroted specimens

Extremely rare (more than 5 specimens in stock)

De la chute du Mur de Berlin à la réunification allemande


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