BERL45-1-7AB : 1945 - Série 7 TP 'Ours de Berlin' 1ers TP du Cdt Interallié d'Occupation
  • BERL45-1-7AB : 1945 - Série 7 TP 'Ours de Berlin' 1ers TP du Cdt Interallié d'Occupation

BERL45-1-7AB : 1945 Set 7 stamps Bear of Berlin - 1st stamps of Cdt Inter-Allied of Occupation.


N°BERL45-1/7AB : set 7 values « Bear of Berlin 1945 »
+ 5 Pf type B " perforated Zigzag "


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"Bear of Berlin" 1945: the 7 first postage stamps of the Inter-Allied commandment of occupation (postal sector "Greater Berlin" and "Potsdam", province of Brandebourg)

On order of the military Soviet commandment, the postal organization of the "Greater Berlin" was transferred on 19 May 1945 under the authority of the Parish council of the city, recently introduced. Nothing changed until 11 July 1945, the day when the Administration of the "Greater Berlin" was taken on by the Inter-Allied commandment (USA, UK, France and Soviet Union). By this act, the decision of the Parish council on 20 May 1945 was ratified. It was possible to emit postage stamps in accordance with the city of Berlin and their use would be limited and known only in the sector of Berlin. The postage stamps of the third Reich, overturned in every possible way, were forbidden in the city.

This first emission of 7 postage stamps «Stadt Berlin» (City of Berlin) occurred on 6 August 1945 and allowed to transport postcards and letters (until 20g) in all the sectors of Berlin and in the rest of the Soviet sector. The use was spread to the rest of letters on 15 October (Soviet area) and on 24 October 1945 (American, English and French areas).

Monetary reform of June 1948


The monetary reform in Germany occupied (on 21.6.1948 in American, English and French areas and on 24.6.1948 in Soviet area) led to the separation of the stamps' emissions. Thus, the stamps of the Bizone (Anglo-American) and the Soviet area were born. France kept the stamps of occupation from its area (Bade, Wurtemberg, Rhine and Saar).


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