CE69-III FDC Conseil de l'Europe "PLENKOVIC
  • CE69-III FDC Conseil de l'Europe "PLENKOVIC

CE69-III FDC Council of Europe "PLENKOVIC, chairmanship Croatia / PELLEGRINI (Slovakia)"


N°CE69-III : FDC 'Premium edition' Second Part of the regular session of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly to Strasbourg (France) May 25-29, 2018

- 25.6.2018 : Election of Ms Liliane Maury-Pasquier, President of PACE (soc, SWITZERLAND)
- Croatian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers : Speech by Mr Andrej PLENKOVIC, Prime Minister of Croatia
- 27.6.2018: Speech by Mr Peter Pellegrini, Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic

Franked France 1 value Economic Letter "Marianne and the Youth" on Private Stamp Display Unit "PACE Strasbourg 25-29.06.2018 / Presidency of Croatia / Andrej PLENKOVIC"
Postmarked in Strasbourg "Council of Europe" (France) dated June 25, 2018

Limited edition 200 copies

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