PE718-PT : 5 Marianne "Parlement européen / Mémorial Alsace-Moselle Chemins d'Europe"
  • PE718-PT : 5 Marianne "Parlement européen / Mémorial Alsace-Moselle Chemins d'Europe"

PE718-PT : 5 Marianne "European Parliament / Alsace-Moselle Chemins d'Europe memorial"


PE718-PT1/5 : FRANCE Set of 5 values "Marianne and Youth" on Private Stamp Display Units perforated and gummed
European Parliament session October 23-26, 2017 / October 24, 2017 :  Inauguration of the Alsace-Lorraine "Chemins d'Europe" memorial in Schirmeck in the presence of the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani / European flag and stained glass window of Strasbourg Cathedral".

Franked France 5 values Economic letter 20g grey + Green letter 20g + Priority letter 20g red + Europe letter 20g blue + World letter 20g violet "Marianne and Youth"

in NEW

October 24, 2017: Inauguration of the Alsace Moselle Chemins d'Europe Memorial
EUPHORIA space by Jean Rottner President of the Grand Est Region
Jean-Luc MARX Prefect of the Grand Est Region Prefect of Bas-Rhin
Alain FERRY President of the Alsace Moselle
Chemins d'Europe Memorial
and in the presence of Antonio TAJANI President of the European Parliament

Under the impetus and with the financial support of the Grand Est Region, the European Parliament and the French State, the Alsace Moselle Memorial has been given a new lease of life and opens its doors again. Ten months of work were needed to modernize and renew the initial visit and to tell, with the help of a dynamic, interactive and original scenography, the whole European adventure from 1945 to today, in the new space EUPHORIA .

Alsace, and more particularly Strasbourg, European capital since 1949, committed themselves very early on the European adventure. By its geographical position, by the history that it relates, the Alsace Moselle Memorial had to be also a place of European history.

The new visit scenario is resolutely interactive and immersive. It will present, in a concrete way, the instruments of the European logic as well as the contribution of Alsace to the European construction and the peace.

With its redevelopment, the Memorial is reorienting its purpose. It is no longer defined solely as a place of remembrance but opens up to the future by putting its expertise of the Alsatian-Moselle experience at the service of the European construction. This project, in which the presentation of the traumas experienced by the Alsatian and Moselle population during the Second World War will retain its place, gives a new impetus to the Memorial by allowing it to assert itself as an essential institution on a European scale.


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