A380-74T3 : 2009 - FFC Type 1 - 1st Test Flight AIR FRANCE A380 F-WWSB MSN 033


N°A380-74T3 : FFC France 

“1st Test Flight of the first Air France Airbus A380 F-WWSB (MSN 033) - Toulouse-Blagnac 12.02.2009”

Type 3 (Postal stationary DL ""Priority AIRMAIL European Union and Switzerland"")

Postmarked Toulouse 12.02.2009

+ "Strasbourg, Conseil de l'Europe Mail Office" receipt stamp on the back.

Limited edition : 200 numbered copies - Rare

FFC (First Flight Cover)

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First test flight of the first Airbus A380 for Air France

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, 02.12.2009: The Airbus MSN 033 registered F-WWSB successfully completed its first test flight at the start of the afternoon. The event deserves to be cited as it is the first Airbus A380 to be delivered to Air France.

After having passed aptitude tests, the A380 will be transported to Hamburg (Germany) where it will be repainted in the new company colors and will receive its 538-seat commercial layout

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