PADG20-1D1 : FDC perf block AC Charles de Gaulle - Mission Foch 2020 - EPIDEMIC


PADG20-1D1 :  Special cover “French Aircraft Carrier CHARLES DE GAULLE - MISSION FOCH 2020“   

Postage France 0,50€ “PA Ch. de Gaulle“, 0,68€ “Victoire du 8 Mai 1945“

cancelled Strasbourg “Council of Europe“ 22.1.2020 (Mission Foch Departure)

+ perforated block of 4 cinderellas (Type 1) “2020 DE GAULLE YEAR - Mission Foch TF 473 - French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle - janvier-avril 2020“ 

+ dated cachet “retour anticipé (early return) AC Charles de Gaulle - 12 AVR 2020“ (Health crisis on board / EPIDEMIC 2019-nCoV Virus)

Limited issue / 40 numbered copies  - Rare

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Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier “Mission Foch“ January - April 2020

Edouard Philippe, Prime Minister, and Florence Parly, Minister for the Armed Forces, embarked on the Charles de Gaulle on January 22 and 23, 2020, on the occasion of his departure on a mission.

The French carrier strike group, formed as Task Force 473 around the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, left its base in Toulon on January 22 for a long-term deployment called "Mission Foch" (January - April 2020). This mission contributes to the stabilization of the Euro-Mediterranean and Euro-Atlantic area. The Carrier Strike Group maintains an operational presence there, in order to be able to respond to regional security issues and ensure the continuity of the fight against jihadist terrorism in the Middle East (Operation Inherent Resolve / Chammal), complement of the French forces already engaged in this theater of operations.

This deployment also marks the return of GAN to the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. The participation of Allied means in this system (Germany, Great Britain, United States) will make it possible to optimize its capacities as part of a common commitment in dealing with security threats.

Affected by the virus, the Charles de Gaulle returns to Toulon

The French aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle arrived this Sunday, April 12 in the harbor of Toulon. It was the subject of an early return from the “Mission Foch” after sailors tested positive for the virus (health crisis on board, linked to the pandemic).


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