W2-USWB07 : CP Patriotique USA "Jeep amphibie SEEP - BONS D'ARMEMENT FORD 1942"
  • W2-USWB07 : CP Patriotique USA "Jeep amphibie SEEP - BONS D'ARMEMENT FORD 1942"

W2-USWB07 US Patriotic Postcard "Amphibious Jeep SEEP, WAR BONDS FORD 1942-1945"


N°W2-USWB07 : US Patriotic Postcard "Amphibious Jeep SEEP 1 - WAR BONDS FORD 1942-1945"

Post-war reissue of American patriotic postcards issued by Ford factory management. They asked Ford workers and their families to purchase DEFENSE BONDS FOR VICTORY. Size 178 x 114 mm.

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"Victory Programm 1942-1945" - buy DEFENSE BONDS for Ford factories!

Even before entering the war, the United States engaged in intensive production of military equipment; in a few months, they became, with Canada, "the arsenal of democracies". Launched in January 1942 by President Roosevelt, the "Victory Program" led the United States into unprecedented production of military equipment. As millions of jobs are created, productivity increases through the systematic use of standardization. Half of allied weapons are produced by the United States.

Industries are converting their production: Ford and Chrysler are stopping their manufacturing of automobiles for individuals in favor of assembling planes, tanks and armored cars. Thus the FORD factories contributed massively to the constitution of the arsenals of the Allied armies by producing 8,685 "Liberator B-24" bombers, 57,851 "Pratt & Whitney" aircraft engines, 1,690 "M-4 Sherman" tanks, 1,038 "M-" tanks. 10 Destroyers", 26,979 tank engines, 8,634 light armored vehicles "M-8 Greyhound", 3,680 armored vehicles "M20 Scout Car", 277,896 "JEEP", 12,778 amphibious Jeeps "SEEP", 77,604 trucks "G8T", 13,900 gliders " WACO CG-4 GLIDER" (used during the Normandy landings) and numerous various weapons ranging from cannons to submarines.

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