PRES65-1D: RED CROSS & Presidential Election France 1965 DE GAULLE - MITTERRAND


N°PRES65-1D: Diptyque FRANCE 1965 "First French presidential election by direct universal suffrage - Second round between Charles DE GAULLE and François MITTERRAND / 1st European Exhibition of the RED CROSS and the French Post - Homage to the founder Henri DUNANT"

- Postage France 0.25F (+0.10) and 0.30F (+0.10) "Red Cross 1965 - Renoir"

- illustrated First Day of Issue postmark Strasbourg "1st European Exhibition of the Red Cross and the Post Office" 11.12.1965

- 2 perforated political labels (cinderellas) "Election of the President of the Republic 1965 - de Gaulle candidate - Mitterrand candidate"

- canceled with RED stamp "Election of the President of the French Republic by direct universal suffrage - VOTE on December 5 and 19, 1965"

Collector's Edition - Edition: only 10 numbered copies! - RARE

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FRANCE 1965: the first presidential election by direct universal suffrage

Following the reform of the Constitution of 1962, the presidential election of December 5 and 19, 1965 was the first to take place by direct universal suffrage in two rounds. It was also during this campaign that television played an important role for the first time.

Six candidates are presenting themselves: the outgoing president Charles de Gaulle, François Mitterrand (single candidate from the left), Jean Lecanuet (centrist), Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour (extreme right), Pierre Marcilhacy (center-right), Marcel Barbu ( without label).

Contrary to what one might expect, Charles de Gaulle (44.6% of the vote) does not go directly to the first round. He is on a ballot with François Mitterrand (31.8%) and a second round is taking place. De Gaulle will win in the second round with 55.2% of the votes cast.

Editor's note: These envelopes were made between the two rounds of the first presidential election by universal suffrage on December 5 and 19, 1965. This special draw was intended to raise awareness among citizens about fulfilling their new role as voters.


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