PEG13-2 FDC 1ST PARACHUTE JUMP A PEGOUD 1913-2013 Shot at Petit-Croix 31.08.1915


PEG13-1 : Airmail envelope “100 years of aerobatic and centenary of the First parachute jump of Adolphe Pégoud, 1913-2013“ Shot at Petit-Croix (Belfort, France) on August 31, 1915

Postage France Airmail 2,55€ (from sheetlet of 10 values) “Centenary of the first parachute jump of Adolphe Pégoud 1913-2013“
Postmarked Petit-Croix (Belfort, France) "Celestin Adolphe PEGOUD 1889-1915" 31.08.2013
+ Postal link Strasbourg Council of Europe

Collectors Edition - Only 20 numbered copies issued

On August 31, 1915, Second Lieutenant Adolphe Pégoud went on a mission as usual. Not far from Belfort, he came face to face with a German Taube, a heavily armored two-seater aircraft, driven by Corporal Otto Kandulski and machine gunner (Lieutenant) Von Bilitz.

During a dogfight where Second Lieutenant Pégoud's weapon failed to damage the German plane, the Second Lieutenant was shot in the head by the German crew, above Petit-Croix (near Belfort, France) at an altitude of 2000 meters.

At 26, Adolphe Pégoud had just been named Chevalier of the Legion of Honor and had just received the Croix de Guerre with palms. Unfortunately, his death did not allow the news to be transmitted to him.

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