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CO-RET87 "50 years CONCORDE 1969-2019" by AIRMAIL Airbus A380 Toulouse-Atlanta


N°CO-RET87: FRANCE-USA 2019 Aerophilatelic cover “50 years of the 1st Flight of the Franco-British supersonic CONCORDE 001, piloted by André Turcat, March 1, 1969/2019” - Carried on board the “1st flight AIRBUS A380 Air France AF 688 Paris CDG (France) - Atlanta ATL (USA) 31.03.2019“

- Postage France €4.20 “Airmail - 50 years 1st Concorde flight, 2019” (YT PA83 - from a sheet of 40)
- Picture postmark (TYPE 1) Toulouse “First day of issue - 50 years 1st Concorde flight” 01.03.2019
- Transit stamp “Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport - March 31, 2019“
- Postage USA 32c “1st supersonic flight Bell X-1, 1947“
- Picture postmark (arrival of the flight) Atlanta “A380 First Landing Atlanta, GA - March 31, 2019 - AF 688 Passenger Post carried by AF Crew“
- Flight certificate
Collector's Edition on “vellum” envelope (13.5 x 21 cm) - Edition of 40 numbered copies - Rare

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50 years since the First Flight of Concorde 001 (1969-2019)

On Sunday March 2, 1969 at 3:38 p.m. the Prototype Concorde 001 registered F-WTSS took off from the Toulouse-Blagnac runway for its first flight. It lasts 29 minutes. The crew is made up of pilot André Turcat, co-pilot Jacques Guignard, flight engineer Henri Perrier and flight engineer Michel Rétif. Thousands of spectators came to witness this unique event. In October 1969, he broke the sound barrier. In November 1970, he passed Mach 2.

An exceptional aircraft, Concorde is above all a human adventure that has become a myth. The first and only supersonic civil transport aircraft, it is the result of a Franco-British collaboration, from which its name comes. source www.toulouseweb.com

In commemoration of "50 years of the first flight of Concorde 001", Historiaphil, in collaboration with Air France cabin crew, have designed a series of aerophilatelic covers carried on board the Air France Airbus A380 first flight Paris (France) - Atlanta (USA).

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