PE696 : 04-16 FDC Parlement européen "Président du Portugal
  • PE696 : 04-16 FDC Parlement européen "Président du Portugal

PE696 : 04-16 - FDC European Parliament "President of Portugal, Mr. REBELO DE SOUSA"


PE696 : FDC 'Premium edition' Session of the European Parliament to Strasbourg (France) April 11-14, 2016
"- April 12, 2016 :
Speech of Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister to defend the sharing of PNR (files of airline passengers), essential weapon against terrorism.
- April 13, 2016 : Plenary sitting, official visit and address by Mr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of the Republic of Portugal.
- Counter-terrorism strategies: existing and new measures to fight against terrorism, following the attacks in Paris and Brussels.
- Migration and asylum: European centralized asylum system.
-Agreement EU-Turkey: Agreement on return of migrants and asylum seekers in Turkey of the Greek islands.
- "Panama papers": Offshore companies screens and fight against fraud and tax evasion.

Franked France 0,80€ "Pierre Messmer, 2016" 
Postmarked in Strasbourg "Session of the European Parliament" (France) dated April 13, 2016

Limited edition 200 copies

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