PE248T1 FDC European Parliament 05-1992 VISIT OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II - CE Postage


N°PE248T1 : FDC 'Premium edition' (hot foil printing) Plenary session of the European Parliament , Strasbourg (France)
"12 May 1992 -
official visit of
Her Majesty the Queen ELIZABETH II and His Royal Highness The Duke PHILIP of Edinburgh"

Postage France (TYPE1) 2,50FF "Council of Europe, 1991 Official stamp"
slogan postmark Strasbourg "Session of the European Parliament" 12 May 1992

'Premium edition' (hot foil printing) - Limited edition : 1500 numbered copies

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1992 - Official visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg: the pro-European speech of Queen Elizabeth II

May 12, 1992 - Queen Elizabeth II of England has, for the first time in forty years of reign, visited the Council of Europe and the European Parliament in Strasbourg. As soon as he appeared before the European parliamentarians, all dressed in blue, the message was clear: it was about honoring Europe. Referring to Winston Churchill and Jean Monnet - in French in the text - the Sovereign, in an almost full hemicycle, welcomed the efforts "unique in the history of the world" made since the war to bring together "the family European”.

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