PE286: 4 FDC Inauguration of the CHANNEL TUNNEL - ELIZABETH II - MITTERRAND 1994


N°PE286 : Set of 4 FDC  United Kingdom (Folkstone) / France (Coquelles) “Official Inauguration of the Channel Tunnel in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and François Mitterrand, President of the French Republic

Postage joint issue United-Kingdom / France 2 values  0,25£ + 2 values 0,41£ “Channel Tunnel“ + 2 values 2,80FF + 2 values 4,30FF “Tunnel sous la Manche“
Postmarked First Day illustrated cachet in Folkstone (United Kingdom) and in Coquelles (France) 03.05.1994
+ postal link "European Parliament, Strasbourg" on the back

Collectors Edition - 200 numbered copies issued - RARE

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1994 - Queen Elizabeth II and President Mitterrand inaugurate the Channel Tunnel

The idea of linking England to the continent via land dates back to 1855, when Queen Victoria and Napoleon III approved the project for the undersea tunnel, a project that would be presented 10 years later in 1867 at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. But it was not until 1986, following the signing of the Treaty of Canterbury, that the cross-Channel link was made official. Inaugurated on May 6, 1994 with great fanfare by François Mitterrand and Queen Elizabeth II of England, the work of this gigantic project will have taken a total of 6 years (1987-1994) and above all put a strain on public finances: the initial cost of construction having been multiplied by 3, from 4.6 to 15 billion euros. With the status of the tunnel having the most traffic in the world (350 to 400 trains would pass through the tunnel every day), Eurostar plans to extend its network to Amsterdam in 2017.

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