PE198ECU : 1988/89 - FDC "1st ECU stamps and 10 Years E.M.S - Giscard - Schmidt"


N°PE198ECU : Maxi-FDC (Envelope) ”WORLD TOUR OF THE FIRST STAMPS IN ECU” with gold print “Medal 10th anniversary of the Entry into Force of the European Monetary System (1979-1989) - on the initiative of Mr. Valery GISCARD D'ESTAING, President of France & Mr. Helmut SCHMIDT, Chancellor of Germany"

Mixed FRANCE - ITALY Postage

1) (France) 2,20F / 0,31..ECU  “Freedom of Gandon“ Handstamp First Day of Issue Paris 16.04.1988
2) (France) 2 Council of Europe service stamps 0,31+0,50ECU “40 years of Coucil of Europe" Handstamp First Day of Issue Council of Europe, Strasbourg 4.02.1989
3) (Italy) 500L/0,31ECU “3rd election of the European Parliament” Handstamp First Day of Issue Turino 3.06.1989
4) (France) 0,31ECU  “Freedom of Gandon“  Handstamp Kourou (French Guiana) 5.06.1989 “European Rocket Ariane Flight #31“ 
+ special 0,00ECU label “European cooperation, Aeronautics and Space

Limited edition : 500 numbered copies

Historic and rare cover.

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10 years after the birth of the ECU (European Currency Unit), the first ECU postage stamp.

April 16, 1988: France puts into circulation a stamp at 2.20F with an unusual surcharge of 0.31 .. ECU

Until now, the ECU has appeared only as the unit of account for the use of financial experts. Its appearance in broad daylight, its comparison to the Franc (2.20F equaled, on the day of the launch, very exactly 0.314 ECU) demonstrated the desire of the French Post to always be one step ahead on the road to unity. European. In 1989 followed two service stamps of the "Council of Europe" (France) and an Italian postage stamp, commemorating the "3rd elections to the European Parliament".

In order to bring together on a single historical document, the first issues of postage stamps in ECU, Editions Historiaphil produced in 1988/89 a Maxi-FDC entitled "THE WORLD OF POSTAGE STAMPS IN ECU". Edition: 500 numbered copies.

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