PE752-PT : Set 3 Label Stamp Holders 2020 - United Europe against the VIRUS


PE752-PT: Set of 3 triptych label stamp holder "United Europe against the C-19 VIRUS / Respect barrier gestures (wearing a mask) / European Parliament, Strasbourg 2020 (France)"

Covered with 3 French stamps “Marianne l´Engagée” (ECO, Green Letter, Prio Letter)

Historiaphil Graphic Studio Design -  Limited Collector's Edition - RARE

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“2020 - United Europe against the Virus”

The Philately Kiosk of the European Parliament in Strasbourg has designed a sheetlet of 12 labels “United Europe against the Virus - Respect barrier gestures” to raise public awareness in the fight against the C-19 pandemic.

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