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PE804 European Parliament 2024 "Death of A. NAVALNY - Adress by YULIA NAVALNAYA"


N°PE804: FDC “Session of the European Parliament, Strasbourg 26-29.02.2024 - PLENARY ADRESS BY YULIA NAVALNAYA, following the mysterious death of her husband the anti-corruption activist ALEXEÏ NAVALNY, in a Russian penal colony / 2 years of war in UKRAINE"

- Parliament will commemorate the life of Russian anti-corruption activist ALEXEI NAVALNY (1976-2024), featuring a plenary address by his wife YULIA NAVALNAYA. Sakharov Prize 2021 Alexeï Navalny died on February 16 under mysterious circumstances in a Russian penal colony, while serving a long prison sentence on the basis of false accusations.

- Condemnation of the Russian regime and President Vladimir Putin.

- Debate on the dangerous situation of opponents, journalists and human rights defenders in Russia.

- Postage France LV 20g "Marianne de l'Avenir" on label stamp holder “European Parliament Strasbourg - 2 YEARS OF WAR IN UKRAINE February 24 2022 - February 24 2024 / EU military aid - Funding of 50 billion Euros - Strategic technologies for Europe STEP"

- Picture postmark Strasbourg “Session of the European Parliament” 28.02.2024

Collector's Edition of only 200 numbered copies - RARE

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EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Plenary Session, Strasbourg 26-29 February 2024


Address by Yulia Navalnaya / EU support to political prisoners in Russia. On Wednesday at 11.30, Yulia Navalnaya will address MEPs, followed by one round of political group speakers. From around 13.00, MEPs will discuss with the Commission and the Belgian Presidency the murder of Alexei Navalny and the need for EU action to support political prisoners and oppressed civil society in Russia. A resolution will be put to a vote on Thursday.

Ukraine war / two-year anniversary. MEPs are set to call for more ammunition and weapons for Kyiv and tougher enforcement of sanctions against Russia, in a resolution to be put to a vote on Thursday, wrapping up the debate that took place during the previous plenary session. President Metsola will open the plenary session on Monday at 17.00 with a statement on the two-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine aid / Long-term budget / STEP. On Tuesday, MEPs are set to approve the revision of the EU’s long-term budget, including funding for Ukraine, the “Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform” (STEP) to increase the EU’s competitiveness and resilience in strategic sectors, and associated major changes to the multi-year EU budget.

Key debate on European security and defence. Amidst significant geopolitical uncertainty and threats, MEPs are set to call for decisive action to strengthen European security and defence and protect the international rules-based order. (debate, vote Wednesday)

EU nature restoration law. On Tuesday, Parliament will take a final vote on the nature restoration law, which requires the EU to put in place restoration measures for at least 20% of the EU’s land and sea areas by 2030 and all ecosystems by 2050.

Environmental crimes. On Tuesday, Parliament is set to approve new rules to protect the environment in the EU through criminal law. The directive provides an updated list of crimes including illegal timber trade, depletion of water resources and breaches of EU chemicals legislation, and introduces penalties including imprisonment and fines.

War in Gaza. On Tuesday, plenary will discuss the latest ruling by the International Court of Justice regarding Israel and the alleged involvement of UN staff in the 7 October attacks.

Protection of journalists. In a final vote on Tuesday, plenary is expected to greenlight new EU rules to protect journalists and activists working on fundamental rights, allegations of corruption and disinformation from abusive lawsuits aimed at silencing them.

Political advertising. Parliament will hold a final vote on Tuesday on transparency and targeting of political advertising, notably online. The new rules will enhance the integrity of election campaigns and help fight disinformation and foreign interference.

New rules on driving licences. To improve road safety and support the digital transition, MEPs will debate on Tuesday and vote on Wednesday on updating driving licence rules, introducing mobile licences and mandatory health checks for drivers.

(Source : europarl.europa.eu/news)

A philatelic envelope, designed by Historiaphil© (Philately Kiosk of the European Parliament, Strasbourg, France) commemorates the highlights of the Strasbourg plenary session of the European Parliament. It was produced as a continuation of the collection of philatelic envelopes bearing witness since 1949 to the history of Europe and its institutions. Its edition is limited to 200 numbered copies.

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