DG20-B5ND: YEAR OF DE GAULLE 2020 - Set 5 Imperf. Label Blocks "EP Exhibition"


N° DG20-B5ND : Set of 5 Label Blocks (cinderellas) IMPERFORATED and gummed

"YEAR OF DE GAULLE 2020 - Philatelic Exhibition, European Parliament Strasbourg (May 2020)"

1) IMPERFORATED block of 4 labels (cinderellas) “2020 Year of Gaulle (1890-1970) - 130th anniversary of his birth in Lille, Nov. 22, 1890"

2) IMPERFORATED block of 4 labels (cinderellas) “2020 Year of Gaulle (1890-1970) - 80th anniversary of the Appeal ("Appel du 18 juin") made by General de Gaulle - the leader of the Free French Forces - on the BBC in London on 18 June 1940, after the fall of France"

3) IMPERFORATED block of 4 labels (cinderellas) “2020 Year of Gaulle (1890-1970) - Signature of the Franco-German Elysée Treaty by French President Charles de Gaulle and German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, January 22, 1963"

4) IMPERFORATED block of 4 labels (cinderellas) “2020 Year of Gaulle 1890-1970 - 50th anniversary of his death in Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises, 9 Nov 1970 / EBR Panhard carrying the coffin of the General and Cross of Lorraine"

5) IMPERFORATED Prestige "Gold" Block of 4 labels (cinderellas) “2020 Year of Gaulle (1890-1970) - Born in Lille (1890), Appeal of June 18, 1940, President of the French Republic (1959-1969) and Death in Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises (1970)"

Size : 206 x 59 mm

(blocks issued for the Philatelic Exhibition "The Builders of Europe" - European Parliament of Strasbourg (France), May 2020)

COLLECTOR'S EDITION - Limited edition

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Label Blocks (cinderellas) “Year of de Gaulle 2020 - European Parliament JPO Strasbourg, May 17, 2020“

General de Gaulle (1890-1970) is celebrated this year on the occasion of a triple anniversary: ​​the 130 years of his birth, the 50 years of his disappearance and the 80 years of the call to the Resistance of June 18 1940. Hero of the Second World War, founder of the Fifth Republic, he is the architect of Franco-German reconciliation, the engine of Europe. But its name above all embodies the “Grandeur de la France”.

A philatelic exhibition on the theme of "Builders of Europe" had been prepared by the Philately Kiosk of the European Parliament, to be presented during the European Parliament's Open Day 2020 (JPO), on May 17 in Strasbourg. A special "de Gaulle - Adenauer, Les Bâtisseurs de l'Europe" philatelic stamp was designed to be put into service at the EP post office. The exhibition was notably devoted to the 70 years of the Schuman Plan (Declaration of May 9, 1950 on the construction of Europe) and to the Elysée Treaty, signed on January 22, 1963 between German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and French President Charles de Gaulle.

HEALTH CRISIS / VIRUS : In view of the evolution of the health crisis in France linked to the pandemic, the European Parliament in Strasbourg has decided to close its doors to visitors until further notice. With 700,000 people per year passing through its doors, the institution had to take precautionary measures. The Open Day at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (JPO 2020) has therefore been canceled.

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