UKR22-07M: UKRAINE WAR 2022 - Block 'M' RESISTANCE "We are from Ukraine"


N°UKR22-07M: UKRAINE 2022 - Perforated and gummed Block of 6 stamps "M" Resistance Message - Good evening, WE ARE FROM UKRAINE - Ukrainian tractor towing a destroyed Russian tank


Issue of 28.07.2022 (national rate - perforated and gummed) - MINT**

Note: BLOCK delivered with 1 official illustrated envelope “Good evening, we are from Ukraine“ from the Ukrainian Post

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“GOOD EVENING, WE ARE FROM UKRAINE“ The message of the call for Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invader, broadcast on the air

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a postage stamp is dedicated to this sentence that has become iconic after the Russian military invasion of Ukraine

"Like “Ici Londres...“ the message of the French Resistance in the 1940s, “Good evening, we are from Ukraine!” became the signature message calling for resistance after the Russian military invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Today, all journalists, officials and military personnel begin their broadcasts with this phrase.

A competition had been launched in the months following the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, to choose the design of a new "war stamp". The phrase “Good evening, we come from Ukraine“ had been chosen by the Ukrainian population as the call to symbolize its resistance to the invader. This is the drawing of Anastasia Bondarets, a tractor Ukrainian towing a destroyed Russian tank, which won the undisputed victory. 900,000 people took part in the vote. According to the author, her drawing symbolizes that every Ukrainian, by virtue of his own abilities, does everything possible to bring his country closer to Victory.

The stamp was issued on July 28, 2022 in blocks, of which there are two types. 6 x “M” (national rate) and 6 x “W” head to tail (international rate).

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