MALI13-5 : 2013 Operation SERVAL Mali - HOLLANDE 104th AB Al Dhafra UAE - RAFALE


N°MALI13-5 : FDC UNITED ARAB EMIRATES "January 15, 2013 : Official visit and speech by Mr. François HOLLANDE, President of France in the Air Base 104 Al Dhafra in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) / Fighter squadron 03.030 Lorraine - RAFALE Aircrafts of the Air Base 104 engaged in the Operation SERVAL in Mali 2013 / Intervention by the French Armed Forces in Mali" 2013 :

Postage United Arab Emirates 225 Fils "Arab Postal Day - Dove of Peace, 2012" cancelled with blue cachet "Al Dhafra Air Base" (United Arab Emirates) dated January 15, 2013
+ Violet cachet Abu Dhabi - Dubai "Official visit in the United Arab Emirates (Peace Camp) of the French President / Presidential Airbus A330" (United Arab Emirates) dated January 15, 2013
+ Strasbourg "Council of Europe" (France) Mail Office receipt stamp on the back

Limited edition 100 copies - VERY RARE

Visit of the President of the French Republic to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
The "Rafale" of Air Base 104 "Al Dhafra" (Abu Dhabi) ready to intervene in Mali
January 15, 2013: François Hollande landed in Abu Dhabi for a visit that was to be largely devoted to the French military intervention in Mali. The French president is expected in the morning on the French military base of the "Peace Camp" located in Abu Dhabi, part of the 700 men is mobilized, as well as Rafale aircrafts parked on the Air Base 104 "Al Dhafra" , who can participate in Operation Serval in Mali if necessary.

An exceptional philatelic envelope, drawn only
100 numbered copies bearing the stamps of Al Dhafra
Air Base and the visit of President Hollande, commemorates this event.

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