MALI13-14 : 2013 - FDC MALI "Opération SERVAL Mali / BPC DIXMUDE - AMX-10RC & VBCI"
  • MALI13-14 : 2013 - FDC MALI "Opération SERVAL Mali / BPC DIXMUDE - AMX-10RC & VBCI"

MALI13-14T1 : 2013 Operation SERVAL Mali - BPC DIXMUDE Dakar - GTIA2 AMX-10RC


N°MALI13-14T1 : FDC MALI "January 28, 2013 : Arrival of the French Military Ship BPC DIXMUDE L9015 in Dakar (Senegal) - Landing of French tanks AMX-10RC (Wheeled armored vehicle of Recognition) & VBCI (Armoured Vehicle of Combat Infantry) engaged in the Operation SERVAL in Mali 2013 / Intervention by the French Armed Forces in Mali" 2013 :

Postage Mali
Type 1  320F "Airmail - Aircraft Mitsubishi A-6M 'ZERO', 1978" cancelled Bamako (Mali) dated February 28, 2013
+ Green cachet Bamako "OPERATION SERVAL IN MALI 2013 / BPC DIXMUDE - GTIA 2 : Toulon - Dakar - Bamako" (Mali)

Limited edition 50 copies - VERY RARE

Operation SERVAL, Mali 2013 - the BPC Dixmude plans a battle-ready GTIA

On the morning of 28 January 2013, after a week of transit, the projection group composed of the Projection and Command Ship (BPC) "Dixmude" and his escort "Lieutenant de Vaisseau Le Hénaff" arrived in Dakar. The BPC left Toulon on Monday, January 21st, with 500 Army soldiers on board and 140 vehicles making up the second InterArmes Tactical Grouping (GTIA 2). In six hours, the entire load of the GTIA 2 embarked on the Diksmuide is disembarked and moved to be stored in a secure place where mechanics and logisticians can work, before the departure of the troops and their vehicles for Bamako and the Malian theater. source


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