MALI13-1 : 1.11.2013 France launches Military Operation SERVAL in Mali - GAZELLE


N°MALI13-1 : FDC FRANCE "13.01.2013 : Triggering the military operation named SERVAL in Mali - Speech by the President of the Republic, François Hollande - Map of Mali and airstrikes in the northern zone controlled by Islamist groups - Mirage 2000D and helicopter Gazelle of Special Forces

Postage France Priority letter 20g red "Marianne and the Europe, 2013" on fixed on cinderella block "Operation SERVAL - helicopter Gazelle of Special Forces / Flag of France and Mali" postmarked in Roissy "Ch. de Gaulle Airport" (France) dated January 11, 2013
+ Green cachet “
The President of the French Republic triggers SERVAL military operation in Mali, 11 January 2013“

Limited edition 100 copies - RARE

The French Armed Forces intervene in Mali - Statement by the President of the Republic on the situation in Mali

"Mali is facing an aggression of terrorist elements from the North, whose brutality and fanaticism the world now knows, and so today the very existence of this friendly state, Mali, is at stake. , the security of its population, and that of our nationals, there are 6000 there.

I, therefore, on behalf of France, responded to the request for help from the President of Mali supported by the West African countries. As a result, the French Armed Forces have this afternoon given their support to the Malian units to fight against these terrorist elements.

This operation will take the necessary time. I will inform the French regularly about its progress. The Ministers concerned, Foreign Affairs in liaison with the United Nations, because we intervene in the framework of international legality, as the Minister of Defense will also provide all relevant information to the population. Finally, Parliament will be seized as soon as Monday.

Terrorists must know that France will always be there when it comes not to its fundamental interests but to the rights of a population, that of Mali, who wants to live free and in democracy. "Mr. François HOLLANDE, President of the French Republic, 11 January 2013 - (Source:

Launch of Operation Serval in Mali

On January 11, 2013, at the request of the Malian authorities and the UN, France launched a military operation in support of the Malian armed forces called Serval. It aims to put a sudden stop to the advance of jihadist groups to southern Mali and ensure the safety of 5,000 French nationals in the country.

The French intervention began with a raid of Gazelle HOT and Gazelle cannon attack helicopters from the 4th RHFS that allowed the destruction of enemy vehicles and the withdrawal of a column of jihadist elements heading for Konna. Four Mirage 2000Ds from the Spiderhawk air group struck in the north of the country. To carry out these missions, the hunting patrols were supported by two C135 tankers.

At the beginning of the operation, two Mirage F1 CRs, six Mirage 2000Ds, three C135s, three C130s and one Transall C160 arm the Air Force Group Sparrowhawk, based on BA 172 "Sgc Adji Kosseï" from N'Djamena, Chad .

Simultaneously, in Chad first, a sub-grouping of nearly 200 soldiers, armed by "porpoises" of the 21st RIMa and a pack of legionnaires of the 1st REC, belonging to the group of the land Epervier force has prepared to join Bamako. source

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